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HIGHRIDGE PARTNERS was founded in 1978 on a fundamental investment and operating strategy that has not changed in over 25 years: to invest in and profit from real estate markets overlooked by mainstream capital. Highridge developed and refined the concept of under-valued investing long before that was publicly recognized as a prudent strategy and is a global leader in capitalizing on cyclical trends in real estate.

Highridge employs a combination of entrepreneurial thinking and rigorous risk analysis to identify markets that are likely to have upward trends within quantifiable risk parameters. After establishing a cohesive implementation strategy, it is executed with skillful timing. Highridge avoids getting caught up in the irrational exuberance of overvalued property markets, choosing instead to systematically sell as markets top out. In essence, as Highridge is selling out of a fully-valued market, it is already evaluating and employing strategies to take advantage of other undervalued markets.

Using this approach, Highridge has emerged as a diversified financial investment company that has generated in excess of $1 billion in profits over the past quarter century in the United States and Europe. Additionally, Highridge has created a number of highly successful operating businesses that have become independent leaders in their own fields. Its expertise and acumen spans the entire range of real estate products from acquisition, development and redevelopment to finance, securities or corporate ownership. Highridge implements its U.S. investment strategies through its development affiliate, Summit Commercial Properties.

From its base in the United States, Highridge moved into Europe a decade ago with housing and hotel investments, and operates under the EuroRidge Capital Partners banner. In 2004, Highridge established an Asian operation with its first activities in the Tianjian province of China. In 2005, Highridge Partners and Oscar de la Hoya's Golden Boy Enterprises formed Golden Boy Partners to revitalize Latino communities in urban America.

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